Thread Rolling

Alloys for thread rolling dies

Erasteel can offer a wide range of alloys for round and flat thread rolling dies.

In this application, where wear is often a challenge, ASP® material can offer you the solution to enhance tool performance, with its outstanding cleanliness and a perfect structure.

Erasteel recommendations

For thread rolling dies, we recommend especially:

  • ASP® 2004: for good wear resistance and hardness
  • ASP® 2005: for good wear resistance and toughness
  • ASP® 2023: a powder metallurgy option to M2, for high performance dies
  • ASP® 2030: a powder metallurgy option to M35 with a high amount of MC carbides and a higher hardness of the matrix

Erasteel also supplies conventional High Speed Steel, such as M2 and M42.

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