Technical Service

More than 10000 tools & components have been analyzed in Erasteel laboratories.

Erasteel has a unique knowledge in powder metallurgy in its new PEARL center (Powder Expertise And Research Laboratory) based in Söderfors in Sweden.

For more than 40 years dedicated researchers and technical experts have been developing new alloys and technologies to meet new market needs.

Erasteel shares this expertise with customers and offers:

  • Recommendations on grade selection

  • Technical support on steel processing: machining, grinding, heat treatment and surface treatment such as surface preparation, PVD coating, etc.

  • Examination services to provide a metallurgical diagnosis of tools and components

  • In-house training and seminars

Click here for Ed Tarney's presentation on "PM and High Speed Steel for Premium Tool Performance" at IMTS 2010 in September 2010.

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