HSS and ASP® for tapping operations

The wide range of HSS an ASP® steels from Erasteel can be used in different kind of tools for tapping, thread cutting and thread forming operations in a wide range of metals.

Applications include:

  • Taps for blind holes and through holes

  • Thread forming taps for non ferrous metals such as aluminium or copper alloys, soft brass and soft steels

  • Thread milling cutters

  • Threading dies

Erasteel recommendations

For high performance tapping operations, we recommend several ASP® grades according to workpiece materials and machining conditions:

  • ASP® 2015
  • ASP® 2017
  • ASP® 2023
  • ASP® 2030
  • ASP® 2052
  • ASP® 2055
  • ASP® 2060


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