Sustainable Development

As a member of the ERAMET group, Erasteel strongly values environmental, societal and economical matters.
Founded in 1999, ERAMET set up as early as 2002 an Environmental Chart as part as a global reflexion on Sustainable Development, enabling the Group to build successful relationships with its investors, employees and clients, preserve the environment and encourage safety as well as innovation.

Click here to learn more about ERAMET's sustainable development policy.

How is Erasteel involved in sustainable development?

Erasteel itself has a long-lasting tradition of guaranteeing the best quality of products and services, caring for its people, preventing industrial and environmental hazards and being a trusty and respectful member of local communities.

We protect and develop our people

  • We respect all the stakeholders – employees, clients, investors and competitors
  • We protect the information
  • We settle a social dialogue

We are truly sensitive to ethical matters

  • We diffuse clear and honest information
  • We guarantee the quality of our products and services
  • We respect local and international laws, norms and rules

We sustain a trusting relationship with our stakeholders.

  • We endorse a strong territorial and civil responsibility towards the communities.

We preserve the environment

  • We manage industrial risks
  • We prevent the environmental and sanitary impacts of our plants and workshops
  • We reduce energy consumption
  • We develop recycling
  • We encourage sustainable development initiatives along with our clients and employees
  • We are a member of the World Steel Association, which has a dedicated website on climate change. Click here to learn more
  • We are also a member of Jernkontoret. Click here to learn more about Jernkontoret's vision of sustainable development for the steel industry.

Sustainable development in action at Erasteel

  • The ongoing ISO 14 001 certification for our industrial sites is progressing quickly. Right now, two sites have been granted this certification, Commentry and Tianjin. We are very proud to say that Tianjin is the first Chinese site within the ERAMET Group to get this certification.
  • Recycling is clearly favoured among the Alloy branch of the Eramet group, to which Erasteel belongs. Indeed, our steel plant in Commentry uses many recycled raw materials.
  • Erasteel encourages synergies between Kloster in Sweden, Boonton in the US and Commentry and Champagnole in France aiming at improving recycling.


ERAMET Environmental Charter
Drawn up by the Group in 2002
Download the document
ERAMET Code of Ethics
Drawn up by the Group in January 2015
Download the document
Erasteel Commentry ISO 14001 Certificate
Download the document
Erasteel Kloster ISO 14001 Certificate
Download the document
Erasteel Champagnole ISO 14001 Certificate
Download the document
AD-ES Conflict Minerals Policy Statement
Download the document
ES Conflict Minerals Policy Statement
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