Quality Management

Our Quality Policy

Our quality policy can be summarized as follows: orchestrating peak customer satisfaction through unified performance.
This breaks down into the following 4 key principles:

  • Customer-driven design:
    Understand the needs of our customers in order to design the best and most reliable products and service.

  • Consistency in our operations:
    Run our operations with precision, consistency and team spirit.

  • First-class quality:
    Strive for excellent quality by focusing on risk analysis and root cause identification.

  • Continual improvement:
    Disseminate and transfer best practices, constantly promote and implement improvement ideas.


Our Certifications

  • All sites of Erasteel are certified towards the ISO 9001 standard.
  • In addition, the sites of Commentry, Champagnole and Långshyttan are certified towards the EN 9100 standard in order to ensure excellent service for all our customers, especially in the aerospace industry.


Erasteel ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
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Erasteel Champagnole EN 9100 Certificate
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Erasteel Kloster EN 9100 Certificate
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Erasteel Commentry EN 9100 Certificate
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