Purchasing in ERAMET's Alloys Branch

Our spirit and strategy

At Erasteel, member of the Alloys Branch of the ERAMET Group, we focus on developing high-end products and technology while maximising value and innovation. Our purchasing department plays a key role in achieving those aims. Indeed, our suppliers comply with our high safety requirements, quality expectations and help us reach the best value for our company.

At Erasteel, we encourage long-lasting relationships with our suppliers, based on trust, ethics and mutual respect. We expect our suppliers all over the world to respect legal, environmental, social and safety standards.

Our Needs : What kind of products are concerned?

  • Raw materials (melting / remelting and transformation consumables)
  • Production subcontracting
  • Industrial equipment (heat treatment furnaces, drawing machines, etc.)
  • MRO supplies and operations
  • Overheads

How to become a supplier?

We expect our suppliers to be reliable, flexible, and efficient. Innovative, they should be keen on delivering the best material at the best price possible and be a partner in the value creation of our company.
Indeed, Erasteel’s suppliers contribute to the satisfaction of our clients and final end users: they assist us in designing extremely performing steels.

Finally, we also cherish open and honest relationships with our suppliers, which enable us to develop a strong cooperation, in turn leading us to create a lasting competitive edge.

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General Purchasing Conditions
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ERAMET Code of Ethics
Drawn up by the Group in January 2015
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