Screw segments produced by Hot Isostatic Pressing with Erasteel Powder Metallurgy Steels


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Alloys for plastics processing

In plastics processing, wear and corrosison resistance is often crucial, especially when processing plastics with glass fibers, abrasive fillers or added corrosive flame retardants.


Erasteel can offer powder metallurgy grades for various parts for extrusion and injection of plastics:

  • Barrels
  • Feed screws
  • Screw tips
  • Check rings
  • Moulds
  • Etc.

Erasteel also offers powders for coating of screw tips or for centrifugal casting of barrels.

Erasteel recommendations

For processing of plastics, we recommend especially:

  • ASP® 2009 for screws
  • ASP® 2011 for barrels
  • ASP® 2053 for parts where extra wear resistance is needed
  • ASP® APZ10for moulds

    To read more about how to improve tool performance in plastics processing, with the right selection of steel grade, please read our case stories.

Case stories

ASP®2053 in Feed screw – A Remarkable Increase in Wear Resistance
Case story
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