Pearl® Metal powders for HIP

Pearl® metal powders for Hot Isostatic Pressing

  • A wide range of gas atomized metal powders produced with an innovative powder processing route
  • Tailored for Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) technology : HIP near net shape parts, HIP bimetal parts and HIP semi products.

Key features

  • Exceptional consistency of particle size distribution
  • Highest tap density and flowability
  • Predictable shrinkage behaviour during HIP
  • Excellent dimensional accuracy of HIP parts
  • Excellent reproducibility between HIP parts
  • Exceptional consistency of chemical composition
  • Controlled oxygen and carbon levels
  • Improved mechanical performance
  • Improved impact toughness
  • Packaging in drums, bags or containers

Pearl® Alloy range

In addition to customized chemical compositions, Erasteel provides standard alloys such as:

PM Stainless Steels PM Tool Steels and High Speed Steels
PM Stainless Steels
Pearl® 316 (L,N)
Pearl® 420
Pearl® 17-4PH

PM High Speed Steels
Pearl® 2004 (AISI M4)
Pearl® 2009
Pearl® 2011 (AISI A11)
Pearl® 2015 (AISI T15)
Pearl® 2023
Pearl® 2030
Pearl® 2060
PM Tool Steels
Pearl® D2
Pearl® D7
Pearl® H13

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