The Powder and Expertise Research Laboratory

PEARL Center

The Powder Expertise and Research Laboratory of Erasteel is located in Söderfors, Sweden. It is a dedicated center of ERAMET Alloys for R&D activities in powder metallurgy.

Customer-oriented research and development

  • A solution-oriented spirit to meet and support customers' needs and developments
  • A long experience of technical service and examinations of powder metallurgy components and tools in ASP®
  • Customer partnerships in products developments or analysis and improvements of parts

40 years of expertise in Powder Metallurgy

  • A unique knowledge on gas atomized metal powders
  • A focus on powder cleanliness, processing, consolidation and properties

  • A dedicated research laboratory in Söderfors, Sweden, with highly skilled teams, cooperating with a network of universities and laboratories and industry organisations

A wide range of competences and resources

  • Alloy development in ASP® as well as Ni-, Co- and Fe- base alloys
  • Powder characterization: size, morphology, tap density, flowability, FEG-SEM micrography and chemical analysis
  • Evaluation of physical, mechanical (such as impact toughness and fatigue testing) and corrosion properties, as well as cleanliness (e.g. high frequency ultrasonic)
  • A wide range of powder production equipments, from 35 kg to 10 000kg gas atomization units

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