Hot Isostatic Pressing

The Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) technology

After atomization, Erasteel metal powders are densified using the Hot Isostatic Pressing technology.
Hot Isostatic Pressing is a process to densify gas-atomized metal powders, placed in a metal container, through the combination of high gas pressure and high temperature.
The HIP operation takes place in a HIP furnace where the gas pressure act uniformly in all directions, hence providing isostatic properties and 100% densification.

Powder compaction by hot isostatic pressing

The Hot Isostatic Pressing process is used at Erasteel for the manufacturing of ASP® products: after the gas atomization process, powders are collected in a capsule which is sealed and then compacted by Hot Isostatic Pressing.
The semi-finished capsule is then further processed by forging, hot rolling and drawing or cold rolling into various product forms such as round and flat bars or profiled wire, sheets and strips.

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