Pearl® Powders for HIP NNS parts


The HIP NNS process Legend
The HIP NNS Process

Metal powders for HIP NNS components

The PM HIP technology is an innovative solution for the manufacturing of Near Net Shape (NNS) metal components and is used more and more widely in many industries such as:

  • End user markets application
  • Oil & Gas, Powder Generation
  • Nuclear (pumps, valves bodies, pipes)
  • Transformation Tooling (bimetal saw segment)
  • Process industries


PM HIP NNS technology provides many benefits:

  • increased performance thanks to the fine and uniform microstructure
  • possibility to use metals with high alloy content
  • less welds
  • less machining and improved material yield
  • shorter manufacturing cycle time
  • cost efficiency


Pearl® metal powders from Erasteel are tailored for HIP applications and include a wide range of stainless steels, tool steels as well as Ni- or Co-base powders.
Pearl® Metal powders are recommended for the production of PM HIP components such as:

  • Near Net Shape HIP parts
  • Net Shape parts HIP parts
  • Bimetal or multilayer HIP parts


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Pearl® Metal Powders for Hot Isostatic Pressing
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