Gear Cutting Tools

HSS and ASP® for gear cutting operations

ASP® and HSS steels from Erasteel are widely used in gear cutting operations. The combination of high performance ASP® grades with new multilayer coatings and enhanced surface preparation provides:

  • an increase of hobbing productivity, through increased cutting speeds
  • an increase of tool life with a higher number of regrinds
  • the possibility to perform dry hobbing

Applications include:

  • Hobs

  • Shaper cutters

  • Shaving cutters

  • Bevel gear cutters

  • Etc.

Erasteel alloy recommendations

  • ASP® 2004
  • ASP® 2015
  • ASP® 2030
  • ASP® 2052
  • ASP® 2060
  • ASP® 2078


ASP 2078 Brochure
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HSS Smart Guide - Gear cutting
19 pages. A document issued by the HSS Forum
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ASP® 2023 shaping cutter
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ASP® 2052 for high speed dry hobbing
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