Gas atomization


The Atomization Process Legend

Gas atomization technology

Gas atomization is a process to manufacture high quality metal powders.
During the gas atomization process, the molten steel is atomized thanks to inert gas jets into fine metal droplets which cool down during their fall in the atomizing tower. Metal powders obtained by gas-atomization offer a perfectly spherical shape combined with a high cleanliness level.

Gas atomization of metal powders

At Erasteel, the gas-atomization process is used for the production of :

  • ASP®PM HSS long and flat products

    After the atomization process, powders are collected in a capsule which is sealed and then compacted by Hot Isostatic Pressing. The semi-finished capsule is then further processed by forging, hot rolling and drawing or cold rolling into various product forms such as round and flat bars or profiled wire, sheets and strips.

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