Cutting Tools

Erasteel products are found in many different applications

High Speed Steels and especially ASP® powder-metallurgy high speed steels from Erasteel are used to produce a wide range of cutting tools for metal-working and also woodworking. These cutting tools are used either on machine tools, or on portable power tools for all machining operations (drilling, milling, reaming, tapping, turning, broaching, gear cutting, etc.) and all machining stages (rough-machining, semi-finishing and finishing).

Erasteel is co-founder and an active member of the HSS FORUM, a cutting tool manufacturers association.

Cutting tool applications

The grades and products of Erasteel are used in a wide range of cutting tool applications where high wear resistance and high strength are required:

Positioning of tool materials

In all tooling applications, Erasteel recommends ASP® steels produced by powder metallurgy. In many cases, the ASP® range bridges the gap between HSS and cemented carbides.


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