Human Resources

Our Human Resources Policy

At Erasteel we believe that the quality of our workforce is a rich resource.
In our business, we recruit passionate and curious people, quick to take up challenges and push the boundaries in the various functions and services of our company. They are open-minded, interested in team-work and prepared to share the common values of Professionalism, Expertise, Ability, Loyalty and Respect for Others. These men and women accompany our development, wherever our ambitions take us.

If you want to apply or if you need more information, please visit the HR part of the ERAMET Website.

If you want to learn more about our people, read about Linn and Anders’ experience at Erasteel!

A word from our employees

Linn Plogéus
Manager Production Division Dalarna

After her M.Sc. at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Linn passed her exam work in Chile. Since then, she has worked some years within Erasteel, both in Champagnole and Erasteel Kloster AB. She is now manager for the production division Dalarna (Långshyttan and Vikmanshyttan), Sweden.
“In the steel industry I can work with both people and steel. My job is to lead and coordinate the production in Dalarna to get right products of right quality and at the right price. It is very varied, which is something I appreciate”, Linn says.

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